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Notification: Homeopathic medicines advised for peoples are based on detail history and consideration. They may not be useful for you unless they are advised to you according to your symptoms. So please do not takey them by own. They can cause some unwanted reaction.

Please contact your local homoeopath before taking them.

Please also note there may be delay in exchange of views so in any emergency situation do not delay to get local medical Care.

It is notified that medicine should be taken after consulting a local homoeopath as information given here is only exchange of view only.

If symptoms persists or got worsen, seek medical advice immediately.

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Malassezia folliculitis Homeopathic Treatment

Monday, December 20, 2010

Malassezia folliculitis seems not a common disease, but it is quite common in tropical countries like India though people even doctors do not recognizes this disease easily and thinks a severe acne case of acne.

Malassezia folliculitis does cause acne like lesions on back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, and face. The main distinguishing feature of Malassezia folliculitis from acne is that it usually does not respond to common treatment applied for acne.

True acneiform lesion do occur in some cases along with Malassezia folliculitis, but it is Malassezia folliculitis which causes very frequent, unresponsive to treatment, and severe papular, pustular, and papulopustular skin eruptions.

As yeast infection is main culprit avoiding humid atmosphere can help a lot.

Homeopathic Treatment
Here I am describing some homeopathic medicines, which if taken for long time according to case and case progress can result in significant improvement in condition.

1. Rhus Tox.
2. Merc Sol.
3. Sulphur.
4. Calcarea Carb.
5. Belladonna.
6. Bryonia
7. Antim Crudum.
8. Sepia.
9 Silicea.
10. Natrum Mur
11. Pulsatilla.
12. Causticum.
13. Staphysagria
14. Arsenic Album.
15. Petroleum.

Acne Homeopathic Treatment

Friday, May 7, 2010

Provide answers of following questions via comment section in order to find out your homeopathic medicine for your acne.

Location and climate:

Where your acne eruptions are mostly located
A. Head.
B. On/around eyes and ears.
C. Chin.
D. Cheeks.
E. Forehead.
F. Nose.
G. Chest.
H. Shoulders, Back and Lower extremities.

What kind of skin eruptions you have.
I. Pimples (small swelling).
J. Papular (moderate swelling).
K. Pustules (moderate to severe swelling with pus within).
L. Tubercular (cystic) most severe form of presentation.
N. Nodes (large deep seated lesions).
O. Whiteheads and blackheads (comedones).
P. Eruptions are painful especially to touch.
Q. Eruptions give reddish around the eruptions.

Skin Quality
R. Oily skin.
S. Dry skin.
T. Rough skin

Conditions, which seems to aggravate the skin eruptions

U. Menstrual period (Before, during, and after menstrual period eruptions are worse).
V. Constipation (When constipated eruptions seems to be worse).
W. Staying in warm environment or becoming heated makes them worse.

Other disease conditions which you most suffers.

X. Menstrual problems.
Y. Recurrent common cold.
Z. Lung and liver problems.

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